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Chronic wounds, or those that take a long time to heal, need specialized care. Certain health conditions increase your risk of recurring wounds, especially if you’re an elderly person. It’s important that you receive comprehensive treatment that covers every aspect of your recovery and prevent future complications. Senior Lifecare and Family Agency LLC have skilled professionals to provide home health wound care. Our in-home healthcare services have proven to produce outstanding results.

What is Home Health Wound Care?

We come to your home to treat persistent, complex, and chronic wounds. Senior Lifecare and Family Agency LLC in-home wound care services are provided by a team of specialists who monitor, treat, and manage all types of wounds. Our holistic approach to home healthcare ensures that every aspect of your care is attended to with complete dedication to your good health and well-being. We assess your care requirements based on your individual needs and circumstances.

Our team of home healthcare professionals take your age and medical history into consideration. We also look at factors like nutrition and lifestyle habits to help you in your recovery and ensure the best outcome.

Do You Need Home Health Wound Care?

There are several health conditions that increase your risk of complex wounds, like diabetes. If you are confined to a bed or use a catheter, you may also require wound care and management. Any wound that persists for longer than fourteen days, or does not respond to treatment, will require specialized treatment.

We provide in-home care for any of the following wounds:

  • Wounds that won’t heal or heal slowly
  • Surgical wounds
  • Neuropathic or diabetic wounds
  • Pressure sores or ulcers
  • Arterial ulcers
  • Trauma
  • Venous Stasis ulcers
  • Burns

Home Care for Wounds in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Senior Lifecare and Family Agency LLC provides specialized home healthcare services for the whole family and has in-depth experience in providing care for seniors. Residents of Fredericksburg, VA have come to depend on us for personalized, loving in-home healthcare. Contact us if you or a loved one require specialized wound care in the comfort and tranquility of your home.